ASUS at Computex 2015 in Taiwan announced the follow-up to its original ZenWatch, one of the more stylish members of the Android Wear cadre, and made the new watches official at IFA on September 2, 2015. And ASUS is shaking things up a bit this time around, offering the smartwatch in two sizes — one with the traditional 22mm band and a 49x41mm body, and other with a slimmed-down 18mm option and a 45x37mm body.

ASUS is changing up the charger this time around as well, moving from pogo-pin-style dock to a magnetic setup that it says will let you charge the watch faster. The larger of the two watches also sports a "mobile power bank." And both models have added a metal watch crown that ASUS says provides "a new way to interact with the watch"

The ZenWatch 2 packs in a few more features this time, including a 400 mAh battery for the larger model and 300 mAh on the smaller, as well as proper screen specs — a 1.63-inch 320x320 or 1.45-inch 280x280 AMOLED display. We also now know the watches support Wifi, faster charging (a claim of 50 percent battery in just over 30 minutes) and IP67 water resistance.

You'll be able to pick one up starting in October, with prices starting at €149.