Allo, announced during Google I/O 2016, is a new smart message app from Google. Allo doesn't just allow you to send message to other users, it goes above and beyond — way beyond. The app learns from you over time, helping it to get smarter the more you use it. The base of Allo is a standard text-based messaging app, with custom stickers and emojis. Allo also adds in the ability to whisper or yell in your messages, achieved by dragging a slider to get larger or smaller text. But the fun doesn't stop there.

Sharing photos is more fun than ever before, with Ink allowing you to write and doodle right on your images before sending. Smart Reply is also built in — a feature from Google's Inbox — offering quick replies in context for messages you receive.

Google Assistant also has a huge presence within Allo group messages, letting you receive restaurant recommendations, movie times, and more. You can also use the "@google" command to go one-on-one and ask Google whatever you need to know.