That time of year is upon us again. College is starting up and thus begins the hunt for back to school accessories. If you're going to be living in a dorm room for the next year, then you're going to need a handful of things to fill your room. Here's a round-up for affordable tech accessories you should have.

Belkin Pivoting Power Strip

Protection: Belkin 12-plug pivoting Surge Protector

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Better safe than sorry, so get yourself a surge protector to keep your electronic gadgets safe from spikes and surges. This Belkin Surge Protector has 12 outlets that can pivot, making sure you can make use of all 12 outlets, whatever the size of the plug.

$40 at Amazon
iDili Mini Portable Handheld Cleaner

Sucker for cleanliness: iDili Handheld Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Let's face it; things are going to get a little dirty sometimes. So this little handheld desktop vacuum cleaner will come in handy to scoop up crumbs, dust on your desk, furniture, keyboard, and more. It's small and lightweight, making it a breeze to clean around your dorm. It requires two AA batteries, and it has a removable bottom for easy cleaning.

$12 at Amazon
Aukey Power Delivery Power Bank

Juice up: Aukey 10,000mAh Power Bank

You never know when you're going to need a quick battery top up. This Aukey 10,000mAh power bank will keep you juiced up. It will charge all USB-powered devices and has USB Power Delivery. It can charge devices faster through its USB-C port, with some devices reaching 50 percent battery charge in 30 minutes.

$30 at Amazon
TaoTronics ANC Headphones

Block the noises: TaoTronics Noise Canceling Headphones

When you need quiet time, these TaoTronics Active Noice Canceling headphones can drown out outside noise at the flip of a switch, and it's just you and music. You get up to 45 hours of playback over Bluetooth, and it has a built-in mic for when you need to make or take calls. It has a CVC 6.0 noise-canceling microphone, so you can have a clear conversation even if you're in a noisy environment.

$54 at Amazon
MyKeyO 6-in-1 Wireless Keyboard with Storage

Multifunctional: myKeyO 6-in-1 wireless keyboard with storage

To save space on your desk, this full wireless keyboard also doubles up as storage space to keep your pens, stationery, cables, and more. If you plan to use it with a tablet, there's a handy slot for you to set it without the need for an extra stand. It does require two AAA batteries.

$20 at Amazon
Vibrating Alarm Clock

Wakey wakey: LIELONGREN Vibrating Alarm Clock

It's an alarm clock that will also shake the bed. It comes with a pad that you place under your pillow, and when the alarm goes off, the pad vibrates. It has three level settings to choose from. It also has two USB ports for charging your phone.

$29 at Amazon
TW Lighting Desk Lamp with USB Charger

More than a light: Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

A desk lamp that also has a USB charger. This LED desk lamp from TW Lighting is slim and sleek, and it has an adjustable, extendable neck. It also has three brightness levels depending on your mood setting. It's also energy-efficient, using as little as 3 watts.

$18 at Amazon
Teckin Smart Power Strip

Smart protection: Teckin Smart Surge Protector

Go even further with your Surge Protector by getting smart with it. If you use Google Assistant or Alexa, then you can give voice commands to this surge protector. Even better, you can remotely control the outlets via an app.

$28 at Amazon
Kodak Mini Printer

Hard copies: Kodak Mini Portable Photo Printer

Print photos and hang them up with the help of the Kodak mini portable printer. You can print photos directly from your Android (or iOS) device. There's also a companion app where you can add filters, crop photos add stickers and more before printing out your photos.

$55 at Amazon
Honeywell Desk Fan

Keep cool: Honeywell Desk Fan

Cool yourself down while you work with a fan small enough to sit on your desk. You can power it with batteries, via USB or a wall plug. It's foldable, so it can be neatly stowed away when not in use. It's small but powerful as you can the breeze from 3 feet away.

$10 at Amazon
Roku Streaming Stick

Stream movies: Roku Streaming Stick

Make a non-smart TV smart with a Roku Streaming stick, giving you the ability to access any of your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and more. This Roku comes with a voice remote letting you use your voice control the player.

$43 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Get Alexa: Amazon Echo Dot

For streaming music and more, the Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect companion. From the comfort of your bed or sofa, just ask Alexa for what you need, be it the news, weather update, calendar entries, even play games on those nights in. The Echo Dot is definitely something you want in your dorm room.

$30 at Amazon
Aukey Wireless Charger

No wires: Aukey Wireless Charger

Don't fumble about with wires; get yourself a wireless charger. This Aukey wireless charger can deliver up to 10W of power to specific Android devices and up to 7.5W of power to newer iOS devices. Qi-compatible devices will also work with this charger.

$27 at Amazon
TaoTronics Desk Lamp with wireless charger

More than a lamp: TaoTronics Desk Lamp with wireless charger

Why not a desk lamp with a wireless charger on top of USB charging capabilities. It is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, select Samsung phones, and select iOS devices. The lamp tilts up to 135 degrees and rotates up to 180 degrees. It has five color modes and seven brightness settings.

$46 at Amazon
Norpro Mug Warner

Keep it warm: Norpro Mug Warmer

Keep your hot drinks hot while you're sitting at your desk with a mug warmer. The heated plate measures 3.75 inches in diameter and easily wipes clean when needed. There's an on/off switch and a light to indicate that the warmer is on.

$15 at Amazon

Get accessorized

A must buy is the Belkin 12-plug surge protector. Your electronic devices don't come cheaply, so protect them from electrical overloads with a surge protector. The pivoting outlets also mean that even with larger adapters, it won't block other outlets. If you want to go even further, the Teckin Smart Surge Protector can keep an eye on things even when you're not in your room with the companion app. You can switch plugs off or on remotely.

To keep yourself entertained, the Amazon Echo Dot means you can stream your music just by requesting it. No need to stop what you're doing, just ask Alexa. You also have the Roku Streaming Stick, which is handy for you to access your favorite streaming services from one place.

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